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Virago Futures is a visionary community studio that seeks to democratize technology through connection science. The leadership programs, networks, and creative community experiences we create are intelligently designed to nourish communities.

As technology rapidly changes the world, communities and businesses need help to keep up. Virago Futures is a strategic partner and catalyst for innovation to open up new possibilities.



Hi, I'm Jeanne, The Founder of Virago Futures

It is with joy and great excitement that we bring you Virago Futures.  We are a unique community design studio working to democratize technology through connection science.

Our ethos is embedded in the name Virago Futures. The Latin Virago means the heroic qualities of the feminine and our business, leadership, and designs succeed through these qualities.

The power and disruption of technology has shown us a world that is constantly changing. The old systems have not served many communities and it is time now to build in a new way.  We think of ourselves as ecosystem architects designing movements and experiences to grow, share skills, learn and build with communities.

Virago Futures meets partners where they are, actively listens to hear what the needs and goals are, and then works strategically with partners to get them where they want to go.  Our solutions lie with the diverse voices of the community and leading alongside our partners.

Our designs explore the concept of “ecosystem design” as it relates to human networks and systems. Our holistic approach to developing community connections takes a 4-dimensional design:

  • Program / Product / Movement vision

  • Digital infrastructure

  • Physical infrastructure

  • Space and time: deep listening, historical context and the intended impact

We work with leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, artists, technologists, healers, scientists, organizers, mathematicians and community members.

We offer leadership programs to support authentic leadership and healing, network design and movement support, and design and produce all kinds of creative community experiences from hackathons and creative studios to speaker series and rituals.

It’s time to build the new paradigm and Virago Futures is here to support that construction by nourishing healthy communities through partnerships, experiences and new technology.

Thank you for your interest in Virago Futures. Please join our community and check out our latest events. We hope to have the opportunity to partner with you and continue to create healthier communities.


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