Virago Futures is an innovation studio uniting businesses and communities through authentic leadership and intelligent ecosystems. Our work is an alchemy of tech, data, intuition, magic, healing and art with results of world changing communities and creations.

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A world class ecosystem architect, Virago Futures Founder and CEO, Jeanne Brooks has pioneered in humanity-centered design, authentic leadership and community engagement. She is a trusted fixer, boldly guiding leaders through uncharted territory. A designer of community-powered networks, she’s launched and lead knowledge-sharing networks around the world with groups such as Emojination, Hacks/Hackers, DataKind, NASA, and the Online News Association.

A serial seed starter, she has been a co-founder of Emojination, Misinfocon, Stacktrace, Shine Squad and has supported the launch of dozens of projects.  

As mentor and advisor to innovative leaders, Jeanne brings deep experience in cultivating creative leadership, design and training experiences that integrate a holistic approach to technology, data, creativity, and humanity. She has designed and produced collaborative experiences with partnerships that span across foundations, investors, media, the private sector, government organizations and universities and has facilitated innovation experiences at MIT, Harvard, Columbia, Stanford and more.

Before launching Virago Futures Jeanne was the Director of Global Communities at DataKind where she developed community-powered safety & belonging guidelines for the network and launched the popular lunch series Machine Eatable in partnership with Microsoft NY, hosting a conversation at the forefront of data science and social good. As a Fellow at the Reynolds Journalism institute, Jeanne was the first-ever executive director of Hacks/Hackers where she explored business models around the decentralized network and developed a partnership with Google News Lab to create Hacks/Hackers Connect a program for media entrepreneurship and the Hacks/Hackers Foundation.

A leader in inclusive and creative experience design, Jeanne was an advisor to the pilot program of NASA Space Apps Next Gen, a high school level hackathon, and helped produce Space Apps NYC, Hacking Journalism at the Washington Post on Data and at Conde Nast on video, as well as This American Life’s Audio Hackathon and CODEX.

Prior to that she was Digital Director at the Online News Association, where she launched the ONA Local network hosting hundreds of meetups, created the Midway, and produced robust training programs for journalists, including the organization’s annual conference and ONACamps.

Speaking around the world on connecting and empowering communities, she’s guest lectured at notable places such as Hacks/Hackers Buenos Aires Media Party, Columbia University's Tow Center for Digital Journalism, The Brown Institute for Media Innovation, CUNY's Graduate School of Journalism, and Reynolds Journalism Institute at the University of Missouri.

Jeanne is a healer who understands the power of love and believes anything is possible in the present moment. She thrives through a deep connection to nature and studies energy fields with a scientific lens. She is certified in Reiki I, II & the Akashic Records.