When you follow your heart, you’re always on the right path.

Our greatest successes come from the wisdom of the heart. Heart-centered business consulting provides inspiration, support, and guidance for entrepreneurs and leaders who want to create healthy ecosystems to achieve expansive growth.

Virago Futures offers a unique formula of scientific and experiential knowledge. We bring together human-centered and data-driven strategies, systems-level vision, networked knowledge, intuitive guidance, and collaborative thinking.

Virago Futures combines innovative business practices with ancient wisdom to support you in accessing your internal reservoir of creativity. We’ll guide you to create without fear and help you build your dreams.  

Healing as a Leadership Practice

Utilizing our expertise in business leadership and the healing arts, we can facilitate your journey as a fully-actualized leader. We incorporate healing, or the process of unearthing and liberating our innermost selves, into all of our processes.

Strong leaders need to understand how to take care of themselves. They know the journey of unearthing deep inner truths that have been hidden by the systems and beliefs that do not serve us or the communities we seek to serve. Strong leaders not only strategize with their minds, they also lead with their hearts.  With healing as a leadership practice, we can build and collaborate with self-awareness, flow, and fulfillment.

Our work is right for you if you are looking to  ...

  • Develop a more expansive and heart-centered vision

  • Adopt a playful innovative workflow, so you can build with ease and grace

  • Build in collaboration  with your community

  • Fostering healthy work environments

  • Bring out the best in yourself and your employees

  • Understand how energy flows within yourself and your work

  • Unearth hidden gems of growth potential within your company

  • Infuse your work with flow and ease

We’d love to support you in making your dreams come true now.

Virago Futures is currently accepting a limited number of consulting clients in 2018. Priority will be given to those making a 2-3 month commitment.