Leadership Coaching

1-on-1 support for world-changing leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators, creators and healers who are seeking to transform outdated systems in their lives and fully awaken to a new paradigm of flourishing. 

3 & 6 month packages include:

  • 90 minute Intention + Visioning call - including Tarot or Akashic Records reading

  • Monthly support calls (60 minute call 1x per month)

  • Text & Email support

  • Resource + reading list

Future Vision

For companies who want to achieve systems-level disruption and change, we’ll lead you through a 10+ year visioning and strategic planning process. Short-sighted vision creates limited versions of our potential. A long term vision sets your company on a path to enormous success.

Offered on site or as a retreat with options in Upstate NY.

Transformational Design

Design thinking meets ancient wisdom. Design your next product, project or company with design thinking powered by sacred geometry, astrology and an understanding of the chakra and energy systems.