Our Experience

The vision for Virago Futures stems from years of organizing, network building, product development, education, and event production.  We're just getting started but our team has partnered with and worked for some incredible leaders and created powerful lasting experiences.

Here's a snapshot of some of our previous designs

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A Summit & Creative Studio

A Summit & Creative Studio on Misinformation at MIT Media Lab and the Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard

February 2017

Mission: Convene a diverse community to explore solutions to the problem of information accuracy

  • Trust, Verification, Fact Checking & Beyond: MisinfoCon is a global movement focused on building solutions to online trust, verification, fact checking, and reader experience in the interest of addressing misinformation in all of its forms.

A celebration of all things emoji

Conference * Interactive Art Gallery * Emoji Party * Play Space * Creative Studio * Film Festival  

November 2016

Mission: Create a dynamic experience that can democratize the emoji application process with the Emoji Subcommittee.

  • Explore a more diverse array of voices around emoji representation and introduce the Unicode Consortium to a broader community.


Machine Eatable

Monthly lunch discussion series

Hosted in partnership with Microsoft NY and Civic Hall

Mission: Host a candid discussion on the front lines of data science and social good communities.

  • Connect top-level data scientists and social good community leaders.
  • Foster a deeper understanding of best practices and nuances around how data and machine learning impact communities.

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Hacking Journalism

Video * Data
January & July 2015

Mission:  Reimagine how we create, disseminate and consume media.

  • Video hackathon held at Condé Nast and Data Science hack held at Washington Post


Dare 2 Lead

Voterunlead's Virtual and in person trainings in 7 cities

Campaign and Movement Building:  Messaging and digital engagement campaign to support participation and engagement

June 2016

Mission: Support women running for office through VoteRunLead's the Dare 2 Lead campaign training women in seven different cities and online.

  • Drove more than 1,000 women nation-wide to attend virtual and in-person trainings on the skills to run for office.


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