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Saw Mill Sanctuary

Saw Mill Sanctuary


a sacred space for feminine leaders to heal, receive and co-create.

Opened in an historic mill building along a pulsing waterfall on the Saw Kill Tributary in Woodstock, NY, this magical space has the intention to heal, nourish and support leaders opening to their highest and best. A space born in celebration, we honor the rise of the Feminine paradigm. Humans of all kinds are welcome. 

The Saw Mill Sanctuary is an experiment in communal living and learning. Our goal is opening space to honor the Divine Feminine. We practice receiving and nurturing one another through the sharing of ancient studies of mind, body and soul. We're exploring where ancient studies meet modern technology and science.

This vision is brought to you from the hearts of business leaders and wellness mentors, Jeanne Brooks and Alexis Pokorny and a growing community. We’re planning public and private gatherings, rituals, ceremonies, workshops, retreats, extended stays and private healing services. Sign up for our mailing list below for special invites or email Jeanne at with any questions. 


1st offering!

New Paradigm Leadership Seminar

Our first feature experiment is the New Paradigm Leadership Seminar on October 7, 2017. Join us for a special day-long experience where we'll be opening space for those who seek alignment with your sacred vision and develop a practice to strengthen the mind, body and soul before we go into winter.

The intention of this gathering is a practice in receiving. This workshop is a remembering of the special senses and skills you already have within you. The day will explore a mindfulness practice to learn how to focus better. Workshops will be offered on intuition, basics of energy data, healing as a leadership practice, and balancing the masculine and feminine in the workplace. 

We'll take care of you with organic coffee and tea, a healthy lunch and snacks all day. 

All workshops are optional. Join each one or simply sit by the waterfall and enjoy the beautiful serenity of nature. 

Guests are invited to stay for a potluck moon ceremony in the evening around a bonfire. Our celebration will be in honor of the Harvest Full Moon with gratitude to the Earth and our ancestors for all that we are constantly receiving. 

Date & Time:
Saturday, October 7, 2017
10:00am -- 5pm

Moon ceremony after dark. 

Seminar cost: $75 (does not include transportation)

Location: Woodstock, NY*

Included: Coffee, tea, water and snacks will be served all day. We'll provide a nourishing lunch. 

*Exact address to be provided upon registration


New Paradigm Fall Leadership Seminar

A special day-long seminar to fortify your sacred vision and strengthen the mind, body and soul before we go into winter.

Includes access for the day to the Saw Mill Sanctuary, a healthy breakfast, snacks and lunch, mindfulness practice to learn how to focus better and workshops on intuition, basics of energetics, healing as a leadership practice, and balancing the masculine and feminine in the workplace. 



Hosted by

Jeanne Brooks, an ecosystem architect and CEO of Virago Futures, where she transforms and helps build new networks, movements and experiences where all people can thrive. Certified in Reiki I & II she’s bringing the power of energy and intention into her world-changing designs. For more on Jeanne check her out here.

Alexis Pokorny, a sales leader and entrepreneur recognized as the top 1% in her industry, Alexis has spent over a decade integrating mindfulness and intuition into high stress corporate environments to create success and a fulfilling life. For more on Alexis check her out here