Creative Design Thinking Immersion Program

Creative Design Thinking Immersion Program


Creative Design Thinking Immersion Plan is a 8-week program beginning October 22, 2018, where you’ll develop and launch your next project utilizing a creative design thinking process.

This immersive package comes with weekly content and resources, 7+ live video sessions, access to an online creative design thinking cohort, 6 full weeks of guided support leading up to your launch, and more! 

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Launching a new project or product requires truly knowing your audience and working with them to make sure what you’re offering is useful, authentic, and beautiful.

Design thinking is a proven process that integrates community-driven input with product development. It allows us to mindfully include stakeholders in the creation process so that whatever you make for your audience is truly relevant.

For this starter-kit, we’ve expanded traditional design thinking by incorporating creativity. Creativity allows us to push through blocks and open up to possibilities. Creativity allows us to develop our products with ease, flow, and connection to our highest vision.

In this 8-week Immersion, we will lead you through a creative design thinking process for your next product, and support you in fully integrating creative design thinking into your greater vision for your business and life.

This program is just right for you or your team if you are a:

  • Business or Nonprofit Leader

  • Executive

  • Entrepreneur

  • Innovation team

  • Startup to Midsize business

  • Program or Campaign Manager

  • Visionary Thought Leader

And you are seeking to:

  • Create a new product or feature

  • Initiate a new project

  • Reimagine a growth, business development, branding, or marketing strategy

  • Launch a new campaign

  • Pivot a project or team direction

…And you want to do it all with an innovative, creative, community-centric approach that you can utilize in your workflow for the rest of your career. We’ll supply you with the tools and resources you will need to make your project a reality within the next 6-12 weeks. 

For $1,700, our Creative Design Thinking Immersion includes:

  • 8 weeks of weekly content and resources to guide you step by step through the design thinking process

  • 8 weeks of ongoing guided accountability and support via Slack to finalize the launch of your project or product

  • Access to an online creative design thinking cohort via Slack

  • (1) 30 minute Confidence Call with Sarah and Jeanne

  • 3 live video sessions

  • 4+ live Q&A sessions, **priority question answering

  • Customized templates you can utilize for future design thinking projects

  • A creativity care package  

  • And more surprises to stimulate your creative juices


This Immersion is NOT designed for:

Large companies (100+ employees) and enterprise organizations. If you’re part of an enterprise-level company and are seeking to integrate design thinking into your growth, operations, HR, product dev or marketing strategy, please reach out to us! We’d love to have a call and see how we can best address your needs.

This offering is brought to you in collaboration with Sarah Bisceglie of SEB Visions. For more head to