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welcome to virago futures 

We are a community design studio democratizing technology through connection science.

As technology rapidly changes the world, communities, and businesses need help to keep up. Virago Futures is a strategic partner and catalyst for innovation to open up new possibilities.

The leadership programs, networks, products, and creative community experiences we create are intelligently designed to nourish communities.

Hi, I'm Jeanne Brooks, Founder and CEO of Virago Futures


It is with joy and great excitement that we bring you Virago Futures.  The vision for this community design studio was born from seeing the power and disruption of technology as an opportunity to rebuild systems where all people can thrive.

The world is calling on us to build in a new way

We see outdated systems flailing and a new paradigm rising.

Our ethos is embedded in the name Virago Futures. The Latin Virago means the heroic qualities of the feminine and our business, leadership, and designs succeed through a balance of these qualities. Virago Futures is nourishing healthy communities through partnerships, experiences, and new technology.  

We see magical results from collaborating to share skills, learn, and build with the community. Intersectionality is the key to intelligent community design and we welcome all genders, races, and abilities.

 As ecosystem architects we take a 4-dimensional approach to design. Our process begins with deep listening to understand the needs and goals of the team and the community and is then powered by data and technology.

With a growing lineup of exciting experiences in the United States and around the world, we'll be developing discussion series, creative studios, hackathons, special projects, rituals, leadership programs, and retreats.   

Join the Virago Futures community below and follow us on social media to follow events and announcements.

We hope to build with you soon,

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